Executive Director Update – June 2014

My favorite leadership mindset is forward thinking. Being progressive, seeking innovation and having the ability to look beyond the “now” is crucial in today’s society. Mastering necessary skills for leadership means that we must stay committed, and focused in the middle of ongoing distractions. When you continuously think about, visualize, and anticipate an outcome, it is much more likely to occur. This is because you are sending yourself and others powerful messages of expectation. You will then become exactly what you expect of yourself. This is great for the workplace, and a more fun and interesting way of going about things, in a state of positive expectancy. This is forward thinking at its best.

To be forward-thinking and make a difference, the leader must be courageous. It is the mix of visionary thinking and courage that is so powerful. One of the many responsibilities of a leader is to be consistently looking to the future for the organization. A leader must be continuously ask the question: What’s next? That is a critical key to continued growth of the organization. Forward thinking leaders are willing to make difficult decisions. Those decisions are not always popular, but they need to be made to position their organization for a successful future.

Is change on the horizon in your organization? Change is difficult for most people, but it is most often necessary. Strong leaders will create a culture that values tradition, but also embraces needed change.

The University of Arizona Alumni Association has made a list of some of their thoughts on good leadership. Here are a few:

    • Good leaders are forward thinking
    • Good leaders are always one step ahead of the team.
    • Good leaders are thoroughly knowledgeable about all big-picture goals and use this perspective to evaluate the worth of each activity.
    • Good leaders are not afraid to ask for help.
    • Good leaders say; they smile. By so doing, leaders broadcast the spirit of courtesy.
    • Good leaders know that eighty-five percent of winning the game depends upon a positive attitude of the team and that garnering team enthusiasm is ninety percent of the challenge.
    • Good leaders do what is right. No one can be criticized for doing what is right.
    • Good leaders are upfront and honest.
    • Good leaders are smart enough to see problems and big enough to deal with them.
    • Good leaders are thinkers. They know how and why they have been; they know how and why they are going.


Good leaders make the world go around, and we are privileged to have outstanding leaders here in our community. The Sierra Vista Area Chamber will be holding it’s 16th Annual Leadership Sierra Vista Program this fall. Once a month the class members spend a day visiting a variety of local agencies and learning about subjects important to the overall well being of Sierra Vista and Cochise County. The experience includes a special leadership orientation and then an in-depth look at such diverse topics as Fort Huachuca, local government, health care, education, law enforcement, tourism, and border issues.

Join us as we strive to develop the future leaders of our community while providing additional skills and knowledge for individuals with the potential for advancement within their own organizations. Class size is limited and the application deadline is August 8, 2014.We truly appreciate the way in which our community leaders have embraced Leadership Sierra Vista. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Chamber of Commerce.

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