Business Advocacy Committee

The mission of this Committee is to facilitate the gathering and dissemination of information resulting from Government and public actions and to make recommendations for Chamber action and/or advocacy related to these issues.  The Chamber is non-partisan, but offers forums to keep its members well-informed on hot local issues and may, on occasion, publicly endorse candidates who represent the best interests of the business community.

2017 Statewide Legislative Agenda for Arizona Business

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To provide a voice for Sierra Vista area business owners and Chamber members to local, state, and federal governments through the following actions:

  • Monitor governmental and legislative actions, practices and programs for impacts on area businesses.
  • Communicate to government and public agencies the interests and positions of the Chamber and its members, and to advocate for support or legislative remedies.
  • Inform the business community of actions and deliberations of elected government bodies and governmental agencies as the relate to the general business climate and Chamber positions, and to advocate for specific actions by its members when necessary.
  • Facilitate the gathering and dissemination of information to members on key issues and actions.
  • Make recommendations to the Chamber Board on actions related to support or opposition of legislative or other governmental efforts; candidate endorsements; and other policy related issues.


  • Fort Huachuca Support and Long Term Retention
  • Water Policy
  • Competitive and Appropriate local and state tax structure
  • Support of business-oriented candidates for elected office
  • Education quality, availability, and workforce development
  • Availability of quality medical infrastructure within the Community
  • Border/Immigration impacts on local businesses
  • Building coalitions with other groups to support major legislation or governmental action.

Plan of Work:

  • Identify issues related to mission changes, or potential impacts to current missions, on Fort Huachuca, and determine whether such issues can benefit from active involvement, advocacy, or education of Chamber members.
  • Actively participate in efforts by the City and State to evaluate its overall tax structure, and advocate for positions that support both business interests as well as appropriate service and infrastructure investment levels in the community.
  • Become informed on, and share such information with members and the general community on the business implications of governmental and agency action related to matters identified in the “Issues” section above.
  • As specific issues come up, be prepared to research, write white papers, educate members, or make recommendations to the Chamber Board as appropriate.


Executive Club Members
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